CHEMSPEED company is a company specializing in technologies and processes assisted by microwaves and ultrasounds. Chemspeed Laboratories carry out innovative activities of applied research and development, promoting the concept of "GREEN CHEMISTRY" by processes and technologies assisted by microwave and ultrasound which it promotes. Chemspeed boasts a rich portfolio of collaborations with private companies, research projects financed both by Government funds and structural funds, patents implemented at industrial level, products and technologies launched on the market.


CTT CHEMSPEED - technology transfer centers CHEMSPEED represents an entity from the Company's infrastructure whose business consists in stimulating innovation and technology transfer for the purpose of introduction into the economic circuit the research results processed into products, processes and new or improved services.

CTT CHEMSPEED carries out the following activities:

-Consultancy for researchers from research institutes, universities and private research centers in order to promote technologies, products and services produced and exploitation of intellectual property;

-Organization of stands, presentation of products and services, meetings with partners from the private and governmental sector with respect to the development of trade relations;

-Teaching activities with students (support courses in Microwave Chemistry and chemical processes and ultrasound-assisted technology), participation in the experimental session with master, doctoral and post-doctoral program students;

-Identification of the potential of the invention, meetings with the inventors, preparation of databases with each product and new technology, the development of technical schemes and technological sheets, highlighting tax and technical advantages occasioned by the implementation;

-Drafting of reviews, reports, analyses and studies for technological information of SMEs (Small, Middle Enterprises).


Chemspeed Company conducts activities in the fields of research, in the area of microwave and ultrasound assisted processes. Using the generic technology in the field assisted of microwave and ultrasound industrial products may be used in several fields of activity, such as: fire-resistant and intumescent substances, antiseptic substances for the protection of mineral and cellulose materials against biological agents, synthetic oils intended for operations of processing and preservation of metal surfaces, obtaining environment friendly industrial degreasers; essential oils and biologically active compounds for cosmetic , pharmaceutical and food industry.


Microwaves are electromagnetic waves moving at the speed of light. Consequently, microwaves have become an important source of heat in several areas: environment, agriculture, wood processing, food processing, medicine, pulp and paper industry, industry of paints and inks, chemical industry.

Microwaves is the source of hot plasma for manufacture of industrial diamonds.

Ultrasound are elastic vibrations which have a frequency higher than the maximum frequency of the oscillations that cause auditory sensation. Ultrasonic frequency field is between 20 kHz and

10 0000 0000 kHz. Ultrasound has been produced and used by the ocean and land creatures long before humans. Interest in the use of ultrasound has suddenly grown during World War II as a result of military programmes. Today they are used in many fields such as: technic, medicine, the food industry, in agriculture, the chemical industry, pharmaceutics, biology, etc.

Green Chemistry involves environment-friendly chemical processes and products.

Laboratories deal with the design, creation and application of chemical products to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances both for human and the environment. Green Chemistry is used in the pharmaceutical industry, for bio solvents and processes to support the human communities.


CHEMSPEED Company carries out programs of self-financing with the support of company PRIMOSAL GROUP, but also through foreign partnerships.

It is a common approach to seek financing solutions for research and development processes.

Through partnerships at the external level, the company annually participates in research circles and presentations worldwide.

CHEMSPEED team offers training courses in the field of technologies and processes assisted by microwaves and ultrasounds. Along with its traditional partners in the country and abroad organizes workshops and conferences in the field of chemical technologies and processes assisted by microwaves and ultrasounds.

If you are passionate about this field and want to take part in the processes of research and development, please do not hesitate to send us an email with your intentions, your expectations and your motivation for this area and a member of our team will contact you for more details.

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