1.1 USE OF THE SITE IS FREE. For your convenience we believe it is better to establish this from the beginning. The company will not ask for any payment to access the Content or the Site.

1.2. However using the services to access the Site, such as Internet service, mobile Internet services or services access to computers connected to the Internet are not provided by the Company and may involve contracts with their suppliers and the payment of certain charges by the respective suppliers.

1.3. The Site may contain advertising. Advertising displayed on the Site does not require you to purchase products or services promoted. The company assumes no liability for the content of advertisements displayed, whether they come from third parties.

1.4. The company will make every effort, within reasonable limits in terms of trade, to operate the Site.

1.5. The Company reserves the right to supplement, delete or modify the information in the Site without your permission.

2. content

2.1 The Website is an online store that includes presentations of products marketed by the Company and their prices. Users can purchase items by carrying out orders online.

2.2. The content described above is included in at least one of the following categories:
Own content - including, but not limited to the Site design, support texts, articles, comments and reviews made by the Company (including its employees or collaborators), images, audio or video recordings;
The content of third-party suppliers - images of trademarks, product images, etc.

legal protection

2.3. Site Content own existing protected by copyright and trademarks rights under Romanian law. Content marked as other suppliers is protected both under Romanian legislation and in particular under the relevant legislation of the country where the headquarters of the right holder.

Normal use of the Content (non-commercial)

2.4 In normal use have permission to access the Content Site by posting on access equipment (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablets, etc.) in order to obtain information or purchase of goods by placing an order.

commercial use

2.5. Commercial use of the Site Content displayed to third parties is prohibited.

2.6. Commercial use (including but not limited to display content on other sites) is permitted provided that the source is provided with the link, and only with the consent in writing of the Company. To obtain this agreement, please contact us by e-mail: office@chemspeed.ro and we will respond in the shortest time.

Prohibited uses the content

2.7 Prezenta secțiune are titlu de exemplu. Ca regulă generală este interzisă orice utilizare care nu este conformă cu cele descrise anterior ca fiind permise. Anumite activități interzise în continuare pot constitui infracțiuni sau contravenții potrivit legislației Române. Compania își rezervă dreptul de a face, atunci când consideră necesar, demersuri la autoritățile competente pentru a-și proteja interesele legale.

2.8 Nu aveți permisiunea de a realiza mai mult de o copie a Conținutului Site-ului. Nu aveți permisiunea de a distribui sau de a publica în alt mod Conținutul prin orice mijloc de comunicare, inclusiv prin Internet. Este interzisă restricționarea, prin orice modalitate tehnica, accesului altor persoane la Conținut (cu excepția persoanelor care se afla sub directa dumneavoastră supraveghere și numai în măsura în care aceștia, sau prevederile legale aplicabile, permit o asemenea restricționare). Este interzisa utilizarea de mijloace tehnice pentru modificarea, completarea, ștergerea Conținutului. Este interzisă afișarea altui Conținut, în special imoral, obscen, pornografic sau ilegal. Este interzisă utilizarea de mijloace tehnice pentru a face Site-ul inutilizabil sau pentru a-i îngreuna utilizarea (atacuri informatice).

3. Content informative character

3.1 CAUTION! The content is not intended for professional advice, referral and information only. The Company does not recommend, endorse or promote the use of the Content or knowledge contained therein purpose other than informative.

3.2 The images and product descriptions are for presentation of the Site. Appearance actual products may be different from those shown in the pictures.

4. Product Descriptions

4.1. CHEMSPEED published on the Site images and information about products offered for sale in a certain period and only while stocks last.

4.2. Products on the Site are only for personal use of the User. The Company reserves the right to limit the ability to purchase products at a time, for some users.

4.3. The price of products presented on the site is expressed in RON and include T.V.A. Product prices are informative. The Company does not guarantee the sale of products at prices set in the Site only after concluding the sale. Product prices do not include shipping costs.

5. User accounts

5.1 La înregistrarea contului, nu puteți folosi un nume de utilizator sau adresa de email care aparține sau care este deja utilizată de către o alta persoană, care pot fi interpretate ca aparținând unei alte persoane, care încalcă drepturile de proprietate intelectuală sau alte drepturi ale unei persoane, care este ofensator sau imoral. Nu sunt acceptate conturi multiple. În situația în care constatăm ca aceeași persoană, se conectează cu mai multe conturi de utilizator, ne rezervăm dreptul de a șterge toate conturile suplimentare primului cont înregistrat.

5.2 Aveți responsabilitatea de a menține confidențialitatea parolei pe care o veți utiliza pentru a accesa Site-ul. Este interzis să transferați parola sau numele de utilizator, sau să împrumutați sau transferați în alt mod utilizarea sau accesul dumneavoastră la Site, unei terțe părți. Sunteți responsabil pentru toate interacțiunile cu Site-ul care apar în legătură cu numele dumneavoastră de utilizator.

5.3 You shall notify us immediately if you notice any unauthorized use of your password or user name or any other breach of security related to your account. Delegates your Site (if applicable) at the end of each session.

5.4 No responsibility for loss or damage arising from your failure by any of the above obligations.

6. Notification abuse

6.1. If you believe that any content item or site violates provisions of this Contract is abusive, immoral, illegal, violates the rights of others (in particular intellectual property rights or rights of the person or privacy) we can notify this the office@chemspeed.ro

6.2. Following notification indicated we will analyze and take action we consider necessary.

7. Warranties and Liability

7.1 As regards the content and the products on site, the Company does not guarantee that they fit the purpose for which you want to use, and does not promise their ability to achieve certain results. By using the Site you are responsible for assessing whether products marketed or personal content or not applicable to your own objectives.

7.2 The Company does not guarantee absolutely that site will function without errors or continuously.

liability Company

7.3 Any liability of the Company (including employees, associates / shareholders or affiliated companies) for your use of the Site, Content or products on the site will be established under this section.

7.4 The Company excludes any contractual or tort to you or others for moral damage or property, directly or indirectly, under this agreement or foreseeable at the time of its conclusion, whether actual time of their production or derived from unrealized benefits, arising from the use or lack of possibility of use by you of the site, Content or products on the site, from the company error (negligent, reckless), whether the company was warned and he found only the possibility of such damage.

7.5 The Company does not exclude liability for situations where it can not be ruled out legal or personal injury or death if not taken steps to warn of the possibility of their occurrence.

your responsibility

7.6 By concluding the contract promise that you will indemnify the Company any direct or indirect, actual or derived from benefits unrealized including image losses or income, caused nine in violation of the obligations of this agreement by you or by people who have access to the Site through your terminal.

7.7 Liability clauses remain valid after termination.

8. Change Site Content

8.1. We reserve the right to change the content or technical characteristics of any aspect of the Site at any time, at will. In those circumstances, accept that you can find in the inability to use the Site, the period of the change.

9. Force majeure

9.1 Force majeure is unforeseeable, beyond the parties and can not be avoided. We can not be held responsible directly or indirectly from causes not depend on the will of the Company. This exemption includes but is not limited to malfunctions of technical equipment used for the operation of the Site, lack functioning internet connection, no functioning telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to systems Site, operational errors, and so on

10. Other applicable provisions

10.1 This Agreement shall be supplemented, where possible, with all the legal provisions in force in Romania such as, but not limited to those relating to electronic commerce, consumer protection, conclusion of contracts by electronic means, protection of intellectual property rights protection personal data and information on related crimes, as required by case basis.

10.2 Any dispute relating to use of the Content or the Site is the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts of Romania and will be resolved under the law applicable at the time of its Romanian.

10.3 Other uses of the Site may be subject to special terms and conditions which will be informed at the right time. Exemplary processing of personal data is subject to Policy Processing of Personal Data and purchasing products will be governed by the Share Sale.
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